We’re on a mission to help people find belonging at work

We believe that finding a job that feels like play is mostly about finding a team that feels like home. By focusing on team culture, we believe you can both find somewhere you love to work and stay there when that team continually invests and supports their culture.

Culture is a nebulous word. If you asked different leaders, they’d have different answers about what team culture means to them. At Candor, we believe that culture is who you are as a team. It’s how you do your work together, how you show up, what you collectively care about and celebrate.

Much like defining who we are individually, defining who we are as a team is hard. It’s complicated, has many answers, and changes over time. For that reason, many teams neglect their culture. They pretend their people problems will resolve themselves, or worse, will be solved with tactical solutions—layoffs, mass hiring, or dreaded pizza parties.

The truth is culture is what makes or breaks legendary teams. It’s not enough to just build a great product. If you want work to feel like play, you need to invest in culture. You have to make a workplace where people love being.

As with most of the hard work we need to do in life, this starts with getting real. Bringing some authenticity to the table. And answering some questions, together, as a team. Normally, you might do a long, fancy offsite with the team, or even bring in an expensive coach.

But here’s the secret: culture isn’t something that demands a weekend of your time. It demands 5-10 minutes every day.

Candor is approaching culture building from a new angle. We don’t believe culture is HR’s problem, or even something the CEO needs to “deal with”. Culture is co-owned by every member of your team. We believe that culture is a shared responsibility. Culture is a democracy. When it’s not, you’re missing the point.

We’re starting by helping legendary teams build their culture with day-to-day exercises. But in reality, culture is at the heart of business building. It’s how you hire, how you pay people, how you grow. It’s how you are as a team. It’s who you are.

Candor is built for the teams who know that culture bleeds into everything they do. It’s for the teams who want to step into a future where teams are collaborative, authentic, and find their happy at work.
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