Personal Check-ins

A fun and easy way to share interests and latest happenings

Share your mood, favorite reads, watches, and more. 📖🎧📺
A set of card Takes from the culture platform Candor showcasing work check-ins. These are team responses to prompts like "What are you focusing on?" and "What are you eating or craving lately?".
Express yourself

Share your mood and what has your attention lately, like recipes, books, movies, or podcasts.

Capture a moment

Share a weekend snap and give teammates a real glimpse into your life and adventures.

Integrate check-ins into your culture

Candor integrates with Slack to bring timely updates to where you already do your best work.

How personal check-ins work

This shows the reminders that teams get for their recurring personal check-in on Candor.
Step 1: Get a weekly reminder when it’s time for your check-in.
This shows the types of prompts teams can answer in personal check-ins, like mood, TV shows, or music.
Step 2: Complete prompts you’d like to share, including the suggested prompt for each round.
This shows a series of answered prompts from teammates like "what are you eating or craving" as a part of personal check-ins on Candor.
Step 3: Learn more about teammates’ lives and interests regularly and connect with them on new levels.

Async check-ins kept simple

A screen displaying personal check-ins on the platform Candor.A prompt from personal checkins about what teammates are readingPrompts from Candor's personal check-ins, including Music and TVPrompts for Candor's personal check-ins, like Weekend Snap or Mood
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