Bringing teams together even when they're apart

Candor creates good work vibes for remote teams through shoutouts, feedback, polls, and more.

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How Candor generates results

Boost productivity, engagement, and connection

Supercharge your collaboration through team missions—a powerful way to stay connected and lead to winning results. Happy and engaged employees are 22% more productive than peers.

Attract top talent and allow them to thrive

Make culture your competitive edge! Build belonging, supportiveness, and professional development into your team’s DNA.

Future-proof your teamwork and outperform competitors

Create a strong culture that perseveres and surpasses the competition. Companies with engaged employees outperform competitors by 147% in earnings.

Genuine communication while remote

Make small moments feel magical with Candor's people-first tools.
Feel seen, show support, and celebrate wins together.
A close-up of the culture platform Candor showing a team doing check-ins together. It's a collection of team responses to the prompt "What we're learning". One teammate has written "I've been learning Spanish on duolingo" and 3 teammates share enthusiastic responses to this.

Get to know your team on a deeper level

More than a resume. More than a LinkedIn profile.
Create and share your personal ReadMe with teammates so they can get to know the real you.
A showcase of the culture platform Candor, displaying a personal profile with card Takes falling into place across the profile. It shows some Takes coming from the profile owner and others coming from friends and teammates of that person.

Integrations bring Candor to your current workflow

Candor integrates with Slack
Candor integrates with Okta

Join thousands of managers powering their teams with Candor

An amazingly real approach to getting to know your workplace preferences—whether you are a future employee, team member, consultant, etc.

Rachel Webber, a Candor user

Rachel Webber

Senior Customer Support Leader

The hard bit is asking for candid feedback from peers and not reacting emotionally to their feedback but using it for your development plan. Candor is creating a great product to foster the right online environment for everyone to be able to confidently receive and use these insights.

Karl Eastwood, a Candor user

Karl Eastwood

Operations Leader

Great for improving management and cross functional workflows internally and giving authentic snapshots of yourself to prospective employers!

Kendall Gilfillan, a Candor user

Kendall Gilfillan

Senior Project Manager

...super easy to authentically share your work style, work love languages, and who you are as a person through thoughtful questions...

Katrina Honer, a Candor user

Katrina Honer

The Career Confidence Coach

A fantastic tool for cultivating a sense of belonging, championing authenticity, and embracing the growth opportunities that come with sharpening our self-awareness. Check it out if you're looking to overhaul your perfect work profile and get back to human.

Amanda Brown, a Candor user

Amanda Brown

Strategist for Climate Action & Communications

Candor is so fun! Their prompts make it so easy to intuitively figure out your working style. 📝 It’s been really beneficial to learn how best to collaborate with my amazing coworkers!

Loren Provins, a Candor user

Loren Provins

Public Relations Associate