The simplest way to poll your team

Get teammates to weigh-in on fun and relevant topics. 💭
A set of cards that shows teammates engaging in polls on Candor. They are creating polls about offsites and having general watercooler conversation.
Make it collaborative

Any teammate can create a poll, any teammate can weigh in.

Thoughtful topics

Use our library of fun icebreakers or create your own.

Easy real time tracking

Track poll tallies as the votes come in. What will be the final result?

How polls work

A list of prompts from Candor's poll features, including Meetups, Superlatives, Office and Admin, Ice Breakers, and Food categories.
Step 1: Choose from a library of fun icebreakers or create your own.
A fun poll question about whether teammates are morning birds or night owls.
Step 2: See results real time and get reminders to vote before the polls end.
A funny poll about whether pineapple belongs on pizza, which is a prompt on Candor's platform.
Step 3: Get useful insights and a greater understanding of teammates when the final results are in.

Get the conversation started

A screen from the culture platform Candor that shows a card wall of team polls.Office and admin poll questions available on Candor.A set of poll questions available in Candor's prompt library.Funny polls about food for your teammates to connect and get to know each other better.
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