Work Check-ins

A fun and easy way to keep a pulse on team happenings

Check-in on team goals, progress, work wins, and more. 🎯📈🏅
A set of card Takes from the culture platform Candor showcasing team check-ins. These are team responses to prompts like "What are you focusing on?" and "What are you eating or craving lately?".
Status updates without the meeting

Share your current focus at work, what you’re learning, and what has you excited.

Easy, async connection

Comment and react to team check-ins —a simple way to show support and stay aligned.

Integrate check-ins into your culture

Candor integrates with Slack to bring timely updates to where you already do your best work.

How check-ins work

Weekly reminder for work check-ins on the platform Candor
Step 1: Get a weekly reminder when it’s time for your check-in.
Prompts for teammates to answer during work check-ins, like upcoming goals
Step 2: Complete the required prompts and any additional ones you’d like to share.
Display of work check-ins, showing teammates answering prompts for upcoming goals and more.
Step 3: Review team responses to stay aligned quickly and async.

Async check-ins kept simple

A screen displaying work check-ins on the platform Candor.Prompts from work check-ins on CandorPrompts from work check-ins on CandorPrompts from work check-ins on Candor
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